The Story

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Micka was born in Paris, but he never lost touch with his Central Egyptian roots of El Menya. As a little boy, his grandma taught him everything there is to know about Egypt’s food culture, but it’s in March of 2015 that he decided to create his own concept.
Back then, no restaurant offered the real Egyptian cuisine Micka grew up on and is so proud of. Nowadays at the 18 rue de l’Étoile, Micka enjoys serving a blend of culture, a mix between his Egyptian roots and the occidental street food culture.
Micka falafel, where everything is homemade and affordable!

Micka falafel is the first Franco-Egyptian to serve real Egyptian cuisine… with a French touch! Our classics will surely please your soul!

The Ramses

The Ramses, a reference to the Meden Ramses square, where Micka, the bon vivant, loves to go with his friends.

The Teta

– The Téta, homage to his Grandmother who taught him how to prepare his flavorful marinade.

The Guedo Alfdy

The Guedo Alfdy, in memory of his Guedo (Grandpa in Egyptian) and of all the food they’d eat together in secret.

The Micka

– The Micka, a reference to the creator’s love for falafel and veggie dishes.

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It’s by looking at his own culture that Micka found the secret recipe for his homemade bread. As a little boy he loved to help his Grandmother when she was making her homemade bread. By mixing his influences with the occidental culture, Micka had the idea to mix different flours to create a tastier bread.